Continuing with my reminiscences of the first three months of my growing comic book obsession. Last time, we had just reached that Holy Grail of kid year days… the LAST day of school for summer vacation! Weeks of nothing to do lay before me. Nothing, that is, except to add to my ever growing comic book collection! The world was my oyster, as they say! Since I didn’t get out until June 22nd that year, my summer was shorter than subsequent years and I only had a week of vacation until it was already the Fourth Of July holiday! I’d better hurry, then! So many comics, so little time!

SUPERMAN #199 — This was my first *actual* Superman-titled comic. And what an issue it was! None of that cosmic hoo-hah that came to infuse later “race” stories. This was, pure and simple, Superman racing The Flash around the world for charity as international gangsters bet heavily on one or the other to win, then try to affect the outcome of the race through nefarious means. This was the first (and only) issue of Superman during that era that did NOT sport a Curt Swan cover. Flash artist Carmine Infantino did his usual masterful job here, instead. And, no, I’m NOT going to tell you who won!

THE BRAVE AND THE BOLD #73 — A team-up of Aquaman and The Atom. This would be the LAST non-Batman team-up issue of B & B. I quite liked this book and bought into the “two heroes for the price of one” logic hook, line and sinker (fishing references… see what I did there?).

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS — 1967 was the 30th Anniversary of the Disney classic and my parents took us to see it at the Drive-In (Netflix for cavemen). We were so taken by this film that BOTH my sister and I had to have our OWN copies of this book! Mostly, I was fine with it but there was some, small burgeoning collector part of me that thought buying multiple copies of the same comic was somehow wasteful. Ah, life…

ACTION COMICS #353 — Newsstand distribution in Pittsburgh was kinda iffy in those days, so the end of the month trifecta usually didn’t come out until the first or second week of the next month. So it was with this issue of Action, which featured the final chapter of the Zha-Vam saga and the first part of a new Supergirl two-parter. What I remember most from this issue is, although I could easily suspend my belief for Greek gods and magic, I REALLY had a hard time justifying Superman building a foot bridge between two planets that wouldn’t just be ripped to shreds when the planets, oh, I don’t know, ROTATED!!! Another non Curt Swan cover… what’s up with that?

ADVENTURE COMICS #359 — The first part of what would become a classic in later years! The Legion was outlawed by the new President of the United Planets and the members were hunted down and arrested for using their powers. Holy Edward Snowden! Even their own parents were spying on them for the Feds!

DETECTIVE COMICS #366 — Another classic in the making! An issue that hearkened back to the “grand old tradition” (whatever that was… I was nine. I had no old traditions). Seemingly random people were killing others in such a way that the victim would stay alive just long enough to kill the next victim… and Bruce Wayne was part of that circle of death! Another Elongated Man back-up story, too! Summer thrills and chills!

Things are heating up as fast as the July sun! More next time!